Brân, fortress of the stream

Castell Dinas Brân above Llangollen in Wales is a great historical site (see photo drom Llangollen with the River Dee’s channel below) . The ruins of an Iron Age fortress (built ca. 600 BCE) and the Medieval castle (13th century) can both be seen there. When King Edward I conquered Wales his army led by the Earl of Lincoln (Heny de Lacy) besieged the castle. The Welsh lord of the castle was forced to surrender. The English set the whole castle on fire which burned down to its ruins.

The castle and ruins have long had their own ghosts and spirits. The most popular is Gogmagog, the legendary evil giant who was killed by Payn Peveril, a brave Norman knight. While dying, the giant tells the knight about the great treasures of the castle – treasures that have never been found.

Uk Castell Castle Dinas Bran Historic Tourism


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