Balázs Fogl has been a teacher of English since 1998. His teaching philosophy includes teaching English through English and the use of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning).
He works part-time as a journalist and has been news editor as well as Press Centre Manager at various international events e.g. 2013 IHF Men’s World Youth Championship, 2014 LEN European Water Polo Championship or FINA 2017.

  • Most Successful Teacher of the Year Award – 2004
  • Most Popular Teacher of the Year Award – 2007
  • Teacher of the Year (Mihalik Sándor Award) – 2017
  • deputy headmaster

Leslie Simonfalvi is the founder of ILS Language School Hungary and Internatioal Teacher Training and Development College.
His teaching is based on the principles introduced by Carl Rogers.

Milestones for Leslie and ITTDC:

  • ESU First Prize, Buckingham Palace, London, UK – November, 1989
  • Reception in House of Lords for Total Quality Education, London, UK – May, 1995
  • Comenius Seal for Blended Learning, Budapest, Hungary – April, 2006
  • Comenius Prize for NetEnglish, Vienna, Austria – May, 2006

The work of Kék Európa Stúdió is based on book publishing and education (in the fields of journalism, TV productions etc.).
A book about journalism written by Harle Tamás (CEO, Kék Európa Stúdió) is one of their most successful publications and works.

Ceruza Stúdió is led by graphics artist Zsolt Imre Mező. He has remarkable illustrations, portraits, paintings as well as numerous other graphic designs and layouts.


Student Lines Travel Agency is a Hungarian company that has been managing hundreds of guided tours mainly for students to the U.K. every year since 1992. Student Lines is the sole representative of Eurotunnel and British Holidays in Hungary.

  • Olivér Szováti for his drawings
  • Márton Gratzer for his ideas and help in the photos
  • Tímea Török for her own photos