The Anglo-Saxons

invaders of three tribes (Angles, Saxos, Jutes) came over to Britain from Europe and settled there;

  • founded (established) 5 kingdoms: Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, East Anglia and Kent;
  • fierce people who also fought each other sometimes, later joined to fight the Vikings.


They built:

– wooden houses with straw roof;
– huge fences around the villages to keep wild animals away;

They grew:

wheat, barley, oats, carrots, parnsnips, apples

They kept:

pigs, sheep, cattle for their meat and everyday use (used animal fat in lamps, cow fat as glue, deer antlers as knife handlers etc.)

Anglo-Saxon London

Londinium was in ruins after the Romans left.

BUT:  the River Thames was there for trade, London became busy port;

London became a very Catholic city (the first St Paul’s in 604).

Watch how the kingdoms and territories that were established by the Anglo-Saxons: