School in the USA – British vs American English

Here are some words / expressions related to school.

British English

American English

primary school elementary school
secondary school high school (junior high / senior high)
high school college
university university
state school state school / public school
public school private school
head-teacher principal
caretaker janitor
marks / marking grades / grading
Class / Year Grade
staffroom teachers’ lounge
holiday vacation
autumn term fall term
Citizenship Global Studies
Maths Math
Assembly Pledge of Allegiance
Break(time) /Play time Recess
timetable schedule
Open Day (for parents) Open House
School dinner hot lunch
friend (pal / mate / chum) mate / buddy
rubber eraser
glue gum
drawing pins pushpins / thumbtacks
dustbin trashcan
plimsolls (an athletic shoe with a canvas upper and rubber lower part) gym shoes
label tag
football soccer
rounders baseball
table tennis bat ping-pong paddle
pitch (e.g.: football) field (e.g. football)
chips French Fries
takeaway (food) takeout (food)
999 (for emergency calls) 911 (for emergency calls)
car park parking lot
crossroads intersection

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