What’s On at the Tower of London

ceremonyofthekeysThe Ceremony on the Keys

  • watch live how the Warders close the Tower (tradition for 700 years) – every day!;
  • visitors are escorted in and out the Tower (9.30 p.m.-10.30 p.m.; the ceremony starts at 10.05 p.m.);
  • you must book a ticket (free) online (only) – the event is fully booked for about a year long
  • you can’t take photos / videos; can’t go to the toilet or buy refreshments during the ceremony

The Crown Jewels

  • The Coronation Spoon (over 800 years old, used at coronations for holy oil)
  • The Sovereign’s Sceptre (with the Cullinan I diamond or Great Star of Africa, the largest colourless cut diamond of the world)
  • St Edward’s Crown (worn at the moment the monarch is crowned since 1661)
  • The Imperial State Crown (since 1937, worn at the State Opening of the Parliament

whitetowerThe White Tower

  • built to show power and
    strength and fear the intruders of London;
  • inside:
    • The Royal Armouries (e.g. of Henry VIII)
    • Chapel of St John the Evangelist, built in the 11th century
    • torture tools (axes, swords, blocks, etc. used in executions)